Vacheron Constantin Tourbillon platinum limited high imitation table

Pure good, hope, constant ancient platinum is a high level of high-level field of watchmaking materials. In order to remember the precise mechanical and precious material of rolex replica uk this innate perfect bonding, designed for high-level watch collection and presupposition. This year the first time in 2012, the magenta Malte Malta Tourbillon also participated in this superior series. 122411 Vacheron Constantin has been in the tourbillon on the launch of the core area of ​​the show by their professional level. Geneva-based clock maker often tourbillon with another complex function of swiss replica watches the interface, showing a profound Zoran professional skills and innovation without doubt courage. It is by virtue of this spirit, Vacheron Constantin created a new Malte Malta Tourbillon limited platinum collection series, once again interpretation of the exquisite tourbillon on board the launch machinery. Pure and clear 950 platinum dial that is appropriate and use sandblasting disposal, 4:00 and 5:00 between the location of the carving precision and meticulous "PT 950" mark, and match the platinum Roman characters and time markers. The tourbillon, with a pointer to the seconds on the clock, is just the right thing to do with the Malte Malta line. While the rolex replica watches hour and minute hands use a slightly unjustified presumption as appropriate, since this is particularly noticeable on the dial. Dimensions are 38 x 48.24 mm. The hand-stitched 950-platinum silk thread is perfectly flawless and glamorous. Use a separate product number where appropriate. Zoran's watch should naturally be equipped with the same Zoran movement. The watch's 2795 mechanical manual winding movement consists of 169 parts, power reserve of about 2 days.